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AI inventory solution in Manufacturing Industry

AI inventory solution in Manufacturing Industry

Smart Inventory Advisor (SIA): Bringing Manufacturing Efficiency to Your Fingertips with Our Digital Solutions

Manufacturers are experiencing huge financial losses due to a lack of visibility into their inventories. Inventory control is all about striking a balance between maintaining enough inventory on hand to keep the business functioning efficiently while avoiding overstocking and understocking, both of which hinder cash flow. Real-time inventory analysis and the ability to estimate order lead times are critical for meeting client needs.

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the manufacturing industry owing to its potential to deliver significant insights by discovering market trends. This helps industries to stay competitive in the market through increased productivity and better efficiency.

Smart Inventory Advisor (SIA) is NURBS Labs’ AI-enhanced inventory optimizing solution with the ability to read real-time inventory analytics and make the process more efficient when compared to traditional human approaches.

Smart Inventory Advisor offers the following features to support inventory optimization in the manufacturing sector.

Discovery learning:

Understanding the working procedure is crucial as it can be a lean step toward process improvement.

Improves process efficiency:

Streamlining inventory control operations reduces the possibility of human error while freeing up personnel for other tasks and reduces the budget spent on the inventory process.

Demand Forecasting:

SIA can assist you in analyzing sales patterns and forecasting demand. It allows the organization to avoid over stocking and under stocking by dynamically managing stock based on a range of factors such as sales revenue, lead time, product demand, market data, geolocation, and consumption history. These predictions outperform human-based projections since they are derived from your data.

Smarter and faster business decisions:

The vast volume of real-time data is evaluated, and recommendations are provided to assist in making efficient and quicker inventory management decisions.

No additional capital expenditures:

SIA can be integrated into an ERP system to manage inventory levels, product restocking, and demand forecasting without incurring additional capital expenses.

Enhance visibility with dashboard analytics:

It offers visibility and gives recommendations about the best course of action based on patterns, monetary values, seasonality, and other considerations.

If you are a manufacturer, you know that your business and inventory are closely tied together. With so much data coming in from all over the place, it is hard to keep track of the products you have and their values.

Our Smart Inventory Advisor (SIA) will enable you to reduce inventory expenditure and help to eliminate time-consuming inventory processes. Consultations with NURBS Labs’ AI experts can assist you in identifying the appropriate solution that fits your business needs and how it can be integrated seamlessly into your ERP system, enabling you to grow your business without breaking the bank.

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